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Latest Episodes…

  1. Tony Murray - Minicast #1

    The first half of our interview with the marvellous Tony Murray where we talk the NME, growing up London Irish, and wandering around in lockdown ...


  2. Tony Murray: London Irish, Punk and Lockdown Walks

    A truly marvellous chat with the charming and thoughtful Tony Murray. Director of the Irish Writers in London Summer School and curator of the Archive of the Irish in Britain. We talk punk, walking the streets during lockdown and the nature of the London Irish. Plus Niamh Lear raises Samantha Barry ...


  3. Niamh Lear - Minicast #2

    The second half of our talk with PhD student Niamh, currently investigating the phenomenon of Passport Paddies. we talk about what that means as well as how the question of Ireland and Irishness as become politicised once again. ...


  4. Niamh Lear - Minicast #1

    In which I get to talk to Newcastle PhD student Niamh Lear about human geography, growing up plastic in the 90s and the political power of Boyzone ...


  5. Jess Moriarty - Minicast #2

    The second half of our interview with the still-fabuklous Dr Jess Moriarty. We talk passports, Brexit, mental health and her two witches... ...