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  1. Jessica Martin - Family, Spitting Image and Drawing Life

    Jessica Cecilia Anna Maria Martin (to give her full baptismal name) is a writer, actor, singer, impressionist and illustrator. She was one of the voices of the original Spitting Image, a punk werewolf to Sylvester McCoy’s Doctor Who and spent two years starring in the West End in Me And ...


  2. Lorraine Maher - Putting Faces on Walls Across the World

    Born “the only black person in Ireland” in a small Tipperary town, Lorraine Maher has gone on to be a consultant, educator, trainer, creative and project manager. A director of Project 507 and Education Manager of Clean Break Theatre, she is also the founder of I Am Irish, which in ...


  3. Ruth McHugh - The View From Paddy's Wigwam

    Dublin-based artist, photographer, film-maker and documentarian Ruth McHugh tells of her forthcoming project looking at the curious history of Liverpool Metropolitan Catholic Cathedral. Plus the mystery of “her grandfather’s Caravaggio” and the last days of the Ballymun towers. Meanwhile Anthony Ekundayo Lennon pays tribute to great-great-great-great grandfather James Doyle with his ...


  4. Geraldine Judge - A Dub in Liverpool, A Scouser in Ireland

    Geraldine Judge (aka Geraldine Moloney Judge) is an outreach worker with Irish Community Care in Liverpool, as well as a writer and actor (the aka is her stage name). Born in Southampton, raised in Dublin and now a resident of Merseyside, she has encountered bigotry on either side of the Irish ...


  5. Anthony Ekundayo Lennon - Actor. Director. Genetic Echo.

    Born to white Irish parents in West London, but with the colouring and facial features of a mixed race child, Anthony’s appearance led to family strife, police harassment,  and – eventually – accusations of “passing” as black in order to gain Arts Council funds. The subsequent media and Twitter storm ...