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  1. Mo O'Connell and Mary Tynan: From Ireland to England and Back Again

    Maureen (“Mo”) O’Connell and Mary Tynan are actor-writer-directors who went from Ireland to England for professional reasons and who both returned to Dublin and Galway respectively in 2015/2016. Mo is an award-winning film maker whose feature “Spa Weekend” is currently being feted with awards wherever it goes. ...


  2. Laurence Cox: Empire, Sedition and the forgotten Irish Buddhist monk who faced down the British in Burma

    Dr Laurence Cox is an associate professor of sociology at the National University of Ireland in Maynooth. He is also one of the three authors of “The Irish Buddhist”, the story of U Dhammaloka and his clashes with the British Empire in the early ...


  3. Nathan Mannion - Migration, Family and Stories at EPIC: The Irish Emigration Museum.

    Nathan Mannion is the senior curator at EPIC, which stands proudly on Custom House Quay in Dublin. Founded by Neville Isdell in 2016, EPIC tells the story of Ireland’s emigrant people throughout the ages. IOT’s been visited by some 750,000 people in its first four years and was voted Europe’s ...


  4. Zoe Lyons: Stand-up, Passport Paddies, Just A Minute and Gingsters

    One of the country’s leading stand-ups, Zoe Lyons tones’ have been heard on everything from Clive Anderson’s Chat Show to Just A Minute. A fixture on the comedy circuit, her 2007 debut show “Fight or Flight” saw her nominated as Best Newcomer at Edinburgh Fringe. A second generation member ...


  5. Rosemary Adaser: Finding A Voice And Using It To Be Heard For The Mixed-Race Irish

    Rosemary is the founder and former CEO of AMRI, the Association of Mixed Race Irish, a campaign and support group with members in Britain, Ireland, the US and China. Born in Ireland to a white mother and Ghanaian father, her childhood was a series of foster homes and industrial schools. ...